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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 16, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, homegrown terror plot. the 18-year-old american citizen arrested after allegedly trying to blow up a bar in chicago with what he believed was a car bomb. we've got new details on just how close he got. breaking this morning, four u.s. soldiers killed in afghanistan, as we learn new details of the brazen and deadly attack on that u.s. housing basing prince harry. was he the target, and is he putting other soldiers at risk? gorillas in her midst. the astonishing video going viral this morning. the animal activist who let his 18-month-old toddler play with this 300-pound gorilla. how does this father justify it? and he's being called the hottest man in the world, brace
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yourself, ladies, he's here. >> hello. >> the world's top male model. the face that launched a thousand ad campaigns joins us live this morning. are you ready for this? ♪ when i'm at the bar this is how i roll ♪ it is cool outside this morning in new york city, but the temperature is rising here in the studio. check this out. we have who's called the hottest man in the world this morning, and this is what happened back in the makeup room just moments ago. >> you mind if i get a red bull? >> sure. >> yeah, thank you. >> all of the ladies here at "gma" dressing to the nines this morning, and, ginger, you actually got to spend time with him. was that more difficult than covering a hurricane? >> i think it was payback. actually that's what i call that. go stand in some rain and you
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get to do this. >> hey, claiborne, are you feeling left out a little bit? >> a little bit. >> it's cold in here this morning. >> it's chilly. >> the last time i asked for a red bull, somebody told me where the vending machine was. >> across the street. also this morning we got some news to cover. in presidential wars, you know the likabilities wars are heating up when romney starts talking about snooki taking on what may be his biggest liability. plus, the royal scandal over the publication over kate's topless photos is spreading with prince william reportedly saying that he wants to see people jailed for it. we're with the royal couple as they continue their ten-day tour of the far east. he's defending his wife. >> he's angry. and check this out, this is video of cops speeding out of control, and here's the kicker, these officers are off duty horsing around. critics say that cops are speeding way too often, and it is increasingly being caught on videotape. now, one of them has been nailed, and we've got his story coming up.
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but we're going to start this half hour with the 18-year-old from the suburbs of chicago who police say stood outside of a crowded bar and pressed a trigger trying to set off what he thought was a massive car bomb. the bomb wasn't real. it was an fbi sting and abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has the latest this morning from washington. pierre, what do we know? >> reporter: good morning, dan. the fbi said the the suspect had deadly intentions. according to authorities adel daoud, age 18, prayed that he would kill as many people as possible before he parked his car outside a bar in chicago on friday night at 7:00 p.m. the fbi said with the bar full of people at one of the busiest times of the evening, daoud stood a block away and squeezed a trigger he thought would detonate the bomb, but as you said, it was a sting. the bomb was a fake. and daoud was arrested. >> pierre, how did police find this guy? and what happened then in terms of the investigation? >> reporter: fbi officials said daoud came to their attention last october after he began posting violent messages on the internet. a few months later, fbi
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uncovered agents posing as radicals contacted daoud. discussions allegedly began about jihad by the summer as daoud was put in contact with another fbi agent posing as a terrorist and allegedly began planning an attack and looking at potential targets. the fbi says he even did surveillance on the bar, dan. >> sounds like he wanted to take this as far as he possibly could. pierre thomas, our chief justice correspondent, reporting from washington. thank you, pierre. bianna, over to you. >> all right, dan, we're going to turn to that breaking news overseas. four u.s. soldiers were killed today in afghanistan in another insider attack. afghan soldiers turning on their allies. this as we learned dramatic new details on that brazen attack by the taliban on a u.s. base friday that killed two marines. it's also the base where prince harry is stationed, and some believe he may have been the target. joining us now from kabul is abc's muhammad lila with more. good morning, muhammad. >> reporter: well, good morning, bianna.
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this attack is one of the biggest ever against a coalition base ever in afghanistan, and it's raising serious questions whether prince harry's deployment here is putting soldiers within harm's way. he was supposed to be safe, stationed at a base so fortified no attackers could ever get inside. friday night, that all changed. in an attack planned for weeks, according to nato, 15 taliban fighters well equipped, trained and rehearsed breached camp bastion's outer wall. dressed in u.s. army uniforms. they split up into three teams, each one heavily armed with automatic rifles, grenade launchers and suicide vests. their target, the airfield where prince harry's apache helicopter was parked. according to reports, the prince was whisked away into protective custody the moment the attack happened. when the insurgents couldn't reach him, they turned on other targets, destroying or damaging eight harrier jets, three refueling stations and six aircraft hangars. by the time the smoke had cleared, 14 insurgents were dead. the only surviving one now under
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heavy armed guard at a coalition hospital. in addition to the two u.s. marines that were killed, nine other coalition personnel were also hurt in the attack. and as for those hairier jets, well, each one of them costs more than $20 million. dan? >> muhammad, thank you. we're learning more this morning, meanwhile, about the ex-con suspected of making that low-budget anti-islam movie that's enflaming the muslim world. meanwhile, the u.s. military is scrambling to get marines in place to protect american embassies. abc's lama hasan is covering all of it from cairo, egypt. lama, good morning to you. >> reporter: nakoula besseley nakoula who is believed to be behind that movie mocking the prophet muhammad is in hiding. his lawyers say that his family is under siege and they fear for their lives. meanwhile, here in the region, the u.s. is ramping up its security outside embassies. as for those 15 marines who were on their way to sudan
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to secure the embassy where protesters tried to storm the building, they've been turned back. their request was rejected saying they would handle it themselves. back here in cairo, after four days, the violent clashes, police have regained control of the streets. as for security around the u.s. embassy right here, right now, it's been tightened, and it's much bigger. dan and bianna? >> all right, lama, thank you. and now let's go to ron claiborne with the other headlines this morning. >> hello there, dan, bianna. good morning, everyone. chicago public school students could be on their way back to class by this time tomorrow. striking teachers this that city are meeting today to see if they'll end their week-long walk-out and go back to work. and abc's alex perez joins us from chicago with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, ron. it has been a long, frustrating week for the 350,000 students and parents affected by all this. teachers have been rallying and picketing by the thousands. now, both sides say they have a framework for a deal and the
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teachers union is expected to vote on this new proposal by late this afternoon. now, the sticking point here, which could become an issue in at least 23 states, is how teachers are evaluated and how standardized test scores are factored into that evaluation. this latest proposal makes that number about 30% of the evaluation. so as you might imagine, there are school districts all over the country who are watching very closely how things unfold here in chicago. ron? >> all right, alex perez in chicago, thanks for that report. and the air force basic training program which has been rocked by a sex scandal will now be run by a woman. colonel debra liddick was named to head the program at lack land air force base. dozens of female recruits have alleged that they were sexually assaulted by male instructors. six instructors have been charged with crimes. one has been convicted. and hundreds of people marked the one-year anniversary of the occupy wall street movement in new york city on saturday. protesters marched through zuccotti park in lower manhattan, the headquarters of
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that movement and birthplace. police arrested at least a dozen people mostly for disorderly conduct. and a narrow escape for a motorcycle driver in colombia. take a look at this. a surveillance camera video captured the motorcycle slamming into the utility. wow, isn't that something. the driver flies off the bike which bursts into flames but he managed to walk away -- imagine this -- without any injuries. doesn't look too good right there, though. and finally, a hot air balloon made an unexpected stop saturday morning. the balloon made an emergency landing in wilsonville, oregon, coming down in the middle of a street. witnesses called the police who showed up to block the street so the balloon could make a safe landing. that's your next assignment, you and ginger, by the way, bianna. >> maybe. >> an emergency landing in a balloon, if you can handle that. >> i don't know if i can. all right, ron, thank you. ' the question we posed at te top of the broadcast, what would drive mitt romney to praise snooki? romney's locked in a likability
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war right now with president obama. now he is launching the all-out charm offensive. it is "your voice, your vote" and abc's david kerley has more from the white house. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. by all measures this is still a close race. we have a couple of weeks to the debates. 50 plus days to the election, but there is one question that mitt romney is having a big, hard time winning. who do you like? so get ready for another charm offensive. yesterday romney went to his grandson's soccer game. this week he and wife ann appear on "live with kelly and michael" chatting about everything from toothpaste tubes to "the jersey shore." >> honey boo boo or snooki? >> i'm kind of a snooki fan. >> reporter: by the way, ann squeezes the toothpaste from the top. mitt from the bottom. why all the warm and fuzzy? because while the president also a slight lead among expected voters to win, he's running away in the likability numbers. [ playing "hail to the chief" ] >> reporter: this week the
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president will laugh it up on the letterman show, but does he need to? when we asked which candidate is more personable? more personable, likable, it's obama, 61-21%. who would you want to have dinner with, obama 52%-33%. who would make a more loyal friend, 50%-36%. but the real worry for romney is the question about the economy. which the obama campaign set up in a new ad. >> he keeps saying it. >> this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. >> and here's where we are today, 30 months of private secretary job growth. >> reporter: call it the clinton bounce, the argument seems to be working. >> they want to go back to the same old policies that got us in trouble in the first place. >> reporter: since may when we asked who do you trust to handle the economy, romney was ahead until after the democratic convention. now it's the president up by two points. both candidates are taking the day off from the campaign trail today. they are back on the trail tomorrow.
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romney makes one appearance tonight that will be on television. that "live with kelly and michael" is set for tuesday if you want to see it on your abc station. bianna? >> we'll be watching, david, all right. thank you. and let's bring in abc's news senior white house correspondent jake tapper from washington who's filling in for george stephanopoulos on "this week." great to see you, jake. >> good morning, bianna. how are you? >> good, so aside from the likability issue for mitt romney the economy is still in the doldrums, yet new poll data suggests that romney is not capitalizing from that at all. how big of a problem is this for him given this was his major selling point? >> it's the ball game, bianna, if mitt romney can't convince voters that he would be better for the economy than president obama, under whom there is more than 8.1% unemployment, then mitt romney will not be able to win. he needs to get that number up significantly. it is his, as the french say, his reason for being. if he can't change that number,
7:13 am
he might as well go back home. >> and, jake, a lot of focus on what have called on ill-timed response to the anti-american response we saw in egypt last week. but hasn't that obscured one important detail and that president obama has a real foreign policy problem on his hand right now. >> there is no question about it, bianna. this is a very serious issue right now and a very big problem for president obama. most americans according to polls prefer his handling of foreign policies to mitt romney. but this whole crisis throughout the muslim world calls into question his philosophy, calls into question his approach to the muslim world, and it really does not project the kind of strength that until now that he's been able to convince the american people of, so this is a much bigger problem for president obama long term than that initial response from mitt romney. >> and you'll have much more on this topic later on "this week." jake, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. say hi to the other jake. >> i will. >> and be sure to join jake tapper later on abc's "this week" when he speaks to the u.s. ambassador to the united
7:14 am
nations, susan rice, about the deadly attacks and anti-american protests sweeping across the middle east. plus, the powerhouse roundtable debates the fallout from the middle east violence and all the week's politics. dan? >> jake tapper giving a shout-out to jake, bianna's son. we may be on the cusp of a major development and one of the most notorious murder. in america's history. the so-called "fatal vision" killing spawned a best-selling book and a network miniseries. a clean-cut doctor and green beret accused of stabbing his pregnant wife and daughters, could this man now be set free? abc's rob nelson is on the story. >> good morning, guys. amazing story here. this case was literally the talk of the nation decades ago, a gruesome tale, a family murder just months, in fact, after the charlie manson killings, and now it's a case possibly on the verge of a stunning reversal. it was the twisted, grisly murder case in ft. bragg, north carolina, that stunned and captivated the nation more than 40 years ago. >> one of the nation's most controversial murder cases.
7:15 am
>> the jury and the lawyers and the neighbors have left. >> a jury in raleigh, north carolina. >> reporter: fascination over the case was so intense, it spawned not only the best-selling book "fatal vision" -- >> yes, i'm afraid i don't quite understand. >> we just want to get the whole story, captain. >> reporter: but also a tv miniseries. in 1984 it starred ricky schroeder. >> i didn't do it. the man who did it is still out there free to do it again. >> reporter: and through it all, one central haunting question -- did jeffery macdonald, a doctor and green beret, really stab and beat to death his pregnant wife and two young daughters in their own home, or as he has maintained for decades, he's innocent and intruders actually killed them? >> i cannot prove to the millions of people who have watched the reruns over and over that i'm not that monster. >> reporter: 33 years after macdonald was convicted of the gruesome crime, the case is back in court monday as the judge continues new dna evidence and
7:16 am
witness testimony that macdonald's allies say will finally clear him of the heinous murders. >> this is extremely significant because this is a man that received three life sentences and has been in prison for much of his life and now the possibility is that he could be released. >> reporter: dna evidence was not available back in 1979 when macdonald was convicted, and his supporters say genetics from the scene don't match the family. it's a decision the author of this new book appears to support. >> the case has bothered me for years. the trial in and of itself was a terrible miscarriage of justice. >> now, jeffrey macdonald is now 68 years old. he's not eligible for parole until 2020. the judge in the case could decide, though, within two weeks whether to order a new trial or to exonerate macdonald altogether, but imagine this, guys. he could go free 42 years after the original murder. >> and a decision coming pretty soon. rob, thank you. >> thanks, rob. now, to an apparently growing problem with those trust
7:17 am
enforcing our laws. out-of-control cops behind the wheel and now the latest, dash cam video catching a state trooper busting a miami police officer weaving in and out of traffic at -- get this -- 120 miles an hour on a busy highway. that officer has now lost his job. abc's john schriffen is here with the latest. >> it's pretty alarming, bianna. that officer reportedly made $52,000 a year to protect and serve the people of miami. but instead, he used his police car so he could repeatedly speed to another job. now, he would have gotten away with it if it had not been for an aggressive highway patrol officer and her dash cam. this is not your typical speeding offender. it's a squad car clocked at 120 miles per hour. behind the wheel, an off-duty officer, and he's about to get busted. >> put your hands out the window. >> reporter: at gunpoint florida highway patrol arrested miami police officer fautot lopez for
7:18 am
speeding back in october. >> turn around. turn around. right now. >> reporter: after this video went viral, an investigation was launched and authorities found lopez was a habitual offender. he was fired, charged with reckless driving. believe it or not, this is more common than you may think. back in march two cops in clermont, florida, were fired after leading another officer on a high-speed chase. >> wow, he's doing over 90. >> reporter: once pulled over, officer mark thompson started laughing hysterically, slapping his knees, claiming it was all a prank. later that same month, two officers were relieved of duty after this video on youtube caught them carelessly careening down a sandy stretch on miami beach even going airborne. >> it is a serious problem. details and it it doesn't differentiate between whether you're a citizen or you're a police officer. >> reporter: according to "the orlando sentinel," in florida
7:19 am
alone, there are 7,400 patrol car crashes annually that injure 2,400 people. >> any average citizen sees a police car going by, they don't know whether they're responding to a legitimate call or whether they're speeding because they're going home late or they're getting to a second job. >> reporter: officer lopez was speeding to his off-duty job at a private school, which eventually cost him his real one. lopez now has the option to appeal his filing, but get this, according to "the sun sentinel," should he move on and try to get a job at another police department, this would not come up on his record. that's because habitual speeding is not a reportable violation, dan and bianna. >> although if they google him, they play find out. they find it out. >> if they watch this video. >> thanks, john. time now for weather. we have been having problem getting ginger to focus on the forecast because there's a story about the male model coming up. ginger, can you handle it? >> i can, and i just want to start with heat, i don't know why. let's start. los angeles had a 103-degree record, high temperature yesterday. it's still going to be warm. about 10 degrees above average
7:20 am
still 59 -- still at 91 there. onshore flow making those coastal communities a little bit cooler. so from the above average to closer to average and fall less than a week away officially, but it will feel like it early this morning. boston 55. they'll end up less than 70 degrees. philadelphia, 57 to 76 today. so you have to say, where are the problems? there is rain, thunderstorms in the southeast. north of atlanta there. all of the way into the western carolinas. that's where we'll find heavier rainfall totals throughout day and early tomorrow. this goes through monday. here is a look at just how cold. i want to focus on the high temperatures which is what you see. minneapolis, 60 by tuesday, detroit, same deal but nighttime low temperatures in the 30s and 40s. so, brrr, that is going to be cold, and it's going to be super windy. locally 100-mile-per-hour winds up in alaska. some areas there had their first some of the areas there had their first snow. it
7:21 am
>> so it was cloudy and rainy in missouri yesterday, and i thought that this was a great way to show it. look at the gray skies under the arch there in st. louis. thank you for that tweet. send me photos also on facebook. a lot of college game days yesterday, and they had good skies there in eugene, oregon. but just took that about a week ago from the last game. i just thought that was so pretty over the stadium. again, send me great photos from all over the nation. please. >> she's doing a good job pretending she cares about the weather this morning. >> i don't know why you're making a big deal out of this
7:22 am
model. we have the world's hottest meteorologist sitting here for a long time now. >> wow, wow, thank you. >> giving you your props, ginger. all right, coming up on "good morning america," i want them jailed, that is what prince william reportedly said after learning about kate's topless photos. we are with the couple this morning as this scandal spreads to yet another magazine. and the extraordinary and some say infuriating video of a toddler playing with a 300-pound gorilla. why would her father make her do this? his explanation coming up. >> and are you guys ready for this? take a look. one of these men is being called the hottest man in the world. guess which one it is. the country's top male model is going to join us coming up on "gma" after spending a fun, maybe flirty day with our ginger zee. >> are you sure? okay. we'll be right back. ♪ in my speedo trying to tan my cheeks this is how i roll ♪ ♪ in my speedo trying to tan my cheeks this is how i roll ♪ at usaa, we believe honor is not
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there they are. there they are, the pictures that have gone viral. you're looking at an 18-month-old girl in the clutches of a 300-pound gorilla. how did she get there? her father organized it. he says he wants this video to, quote, inspire people. what does that mean? we're going to hear from the dad coming up. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> yeah, as a mother i think i'd be inspired to do something to the father there. >> and good morning, i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, september 16th, 2012. a day that will live in "gma weekend" history. why? because the hottest man in the world is here this morning. he is the top male model in the country. he's just a mere few feet away from us. >> look at him give the camera the blue steel. i like it. >> ginger zee even got to spend the day with him yesterday. >> i did. we played baseball.
7:31 am
we golfed. we did everything that he knows how to do. today i wish i could make him do weather. >> in the shots you're blushing just a little bit there. >> no way. it was a warm day. the dew point was very high. >> can i say that in the side-by-side with ron claiborne, you hold up very well. >> thank you, dan. >> you're the same height. >> we got to stick together here. >> yes, we do. yes, we do. but first we'll get to the latest twist on that royal topless photo scandal. we're hearing the strongest words yet from prince william about the ordeal. he says he wants those responsible for those photos in jail. this, as the photos have gone global. an irish magazine has now published them, and the palace is heading to court tomorrow to stop others. abc's bob woodruff is with will and has more from the solomon islands. bob? >> reporter: thousands of miles and oceans away from the scandal that has engulfed the royal couple, it seems as if the entire population of the solomon islands came out this afternoon to wrap their arms around the duke and duchess of cambridge. warmly greeting the couple with
7:32 am
a traditional island welcome. william and kate then climbed aboard a truck decorated cleverly as a south pacific war canoe. the slow-motion cruise through the streets of the capital city. a crowd estimated at 70,000 jammed the streets. everyone clamoring for their brush with royalty. >> it seems the whole country is here. it should be good. >> in 22 years, it's one of the biggest royal welcomes that i have ever seen. the queen would struggle to get a bigger crowd than this, so they're going kate and william crazy even in the solomon islands. >> reporter: even in this remote corner of the world where internet access is scarce and news travels slowly, the fury over the publications of the topless photos of kate is on everyone's mind. are people here talking about that scandal? >> it's on the streets. it's on the streets. >> reporter: and everybody thinks this is extremely unfair? >> it's extremely unfair. it's extremely unfair.
7:33 am
>> reporter: and this battle, which began with the publication of the pictures in france, has accelerated. yesterday as william and kate climbed through the rain forest in borneo, an irish daily printed the photos, as well, and an italian magazine is expected to publish a 26-page spread, perhaps featuring even more intimate photos. >> it looks now like it's going to be too late for them to stop that, so we're looking at kate, so far three publications have printed these pictures and who knows? the question now is, will there be more? >> reporter: tomorrow the battle will move to the courts in france as the palace takes aggressive legal action against "closer" magazine, the publication that started it all. bob woodruff, abc news, solomon islands. back to ron claiborne. >> it's spreading. it's not dying down at all. hi again, bianna and dan. in news, four u.s. soldiers were killed in afghanistan this morning in another insider attack. nato says at least one afghan police officer escaped after turning his gun on the troops at a remote checkpoint. and tens of thousands of
7:34 am
pilgrims attended pope benedict's open air mass in lebanon this morning. the pope called on them to be peacemakers and help end the violence in syria and elsewhere in the middle east. and billionaire investor warren buffett said that he's completed his final radiation treatment for prostate cancer. buffett was diagnosed with stage one cancer and says it is not life-threatening. and finally, wanted, a few good goats. chicago's o'hare airport put out a bid for a goat herder. dan, listen up. and goats to trim the grass. the area is outside a security fence so no danger of them straying onto the runways. >> after i compared you so kindly to the male model. >> because you're an animal lover is what i was getting at this morning. america knows that, okay? >> that's great. time now for the weather and over to ginger zee. >> oh, my, okay, well, let's go ahead and start right away in central washington and get away from the goat talk and get into
7:35 am
a town called wenatchee where smoke has been a problem. the smoke and haze being trapped in the town because they've really haven't had a big fall system to wipe that out of there. look, everybody going to school trying to cover themselves up. that will continue unfortunately. a weak cold front didn't do much, 82, portland, redding, 95. the northwest weather with that big high going to settle the air down, unfortunately. next up, though, i want to show you a look at where the cool air is, and that is in the center of the nation. you can see here even though it is slightly warm, duluth there, >> this weather report has been brought to you by cvs pharmacy. bianna and dan. >> thank you, ginger.
7:36 am
coming up, newly released video of a toddler in the hands of a 300-pound gorilla, the story behind this astonishing video. what was the father's role? and, ladies, get ready to melt because the temperatures are rising. we're talking about the world's hottest man in the world, he's here in our studio coming up next. studio. coming up next. i love my extrabucks rewards, and right now, they're doubling! so, when i shop -- i earn twice as much with double extrabucks rewards. that's two times the rewards! yeah, that's what double is. i know. i was agreeing with you. it's two times. act fast and sign up at for double quarterly extrabucks rewards. don't miss getting double quarterly extrabucks rewards. i love 'em!
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at first glance, it seems like the stuff of parental nightmares. an 18-month-old girl stuck in an enclosure with gorillas, but in this case, it was her father, an animal activist, who put her in there. why? here's abc's john muller. >> reporter: the video is shocking, an 18-month-old toddler alone with a 300-bound gorilla petting and playing with one of the world's largest primates. watch as the gorilla picks the girl up and carries her if it's one of her own. the gorilla belongs to damien aspinwall, who heads a foundation that has returned captive gorillas to the wild. the little girl is his daughter, tanzi. she's now grown up. the video shot 22 years ago, being seen by the masses for the first time. >> basically all our lives we've been nurturing a friendship with these animals. >> reporter: he's releasing the video now to bring awareness to endangered gorillas
7:41 am
and show their gentle nature. he was afraid to release the video before because of fear of backlash, and with good reason. there was major backlash in 2004 when crocodile hunter steve irwin hand fed a crocodile while holding his 1-month-old son in his arms. gorillas are less violent than chimpanzees but gorilla attacks do happen. thank goodness for glass at this st. louis zoo. much worse when a 340-pound gorilla escaped at a dallas zoo in 2004, attacking a 3-year-old boy. >> i'm in the dallas zoo. there's a gorilla loose, and it's going after people. >> reporter: the gorilla bit the boy and collapsed his lungs. luckily, he lived. so did this girl. the video undoubtedly has tender moments, but does it go too far now, clearly the father behind the video doesn't think it went too far. but a spokesperson for a wildlife conservation society that we talked with says all
7:42 am
experts will tell you the same thing, no matter how peaceful these animals are they're still wild. dan, bianna? >> if he didn't think it went too far, he waited all these years to put it out there. so he knew there would be backlash. all right, coming up, we're just moments away, ready for this? >> speaking of wild. >> from the highlight of the morning, getting up close and personal with the hottest man in the world. ♪ ook at you ♪ nothing complicated about a pair of 10 inch hose clamp pliers. you know what's complicated? shipping. shipping's complicated. not really. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service shipping's easy. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that's not complicated. no. come on. how about... a handshake. alright. priority mail flat rate boxes. starting at just $5.15. only from the postal service. with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, we earn more cash back for the things we buy most. 1% cash back everywhere, every time.
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♪ i'm too sexy ♪ control you look at you bianna, modeling is one of those industries dominated by women. there aren't that many, and when i saw this photo six months ago or, something struck me, i needed to know this guy's name. we know all of the women. but what was behind that? and i found an intelligent and charming guy. he can almost be mistaken for a
7:47 am
mere mortal. >> make me look good, please. >> reporter: but under that backward baseball cap, you catch those eyes, the incredible cheekbones, and in minutes, the sweet, southern boy transformed into sean opry. he has vamped for "vogue," versace and hugo boss. six campaigns with gap alone. his perfect bod is a regular on catwalks and covers around the globe. he's even been featured in a madonna music video. ranked number one on, sean is at the top of his game. >> if we do it wrong, then i end up looking like this. >> now, that's just creepy. >> reporter: there's no typical day in a model's life. >> 8:30. hoping we can get a coffee first. >> reporter: but on this day, it's bright and early to a photo shoot. >> they can't know i need makeup. >> reporter: even a supermodel needs a little touch-up. >> getting my hair did. >> reporter: and a trim. >> powerful. >> reporter: from being goofy to
7:48 am
downright gorgeous, sean simply evolved from shoot to shoot, runway to runway. his diamond status on delta is earned. sean flies well over 200,000 miles each year. a far cry from that november day back in 2006 when he took his first flight to new york city. sean grew up in small town kennesaw, georgia. the middle child, a quarterback, a self-described troublemaker. his moment of discovery, a judge from "america's next top model," found him on myspace. >> there's this guy i guess creeping on myspace. and they stumbled across my prom pictures. >> reporter: days later he signed with vny model management. let's look through your book. >> you look through my book. i i've seen this before. >> reporter: within weeks the 17-year-old from the peach state was on his own in the big apple. >> i was up in new york. exclusive for calvin a week
7:49 am
later. it was a whirlwind, i was very lucky. >> reporter: it's a hectic life for those striking blues and pillowy lips. sean hasn't been in one place for more than two weeks since his career has taken off. but when he has time off, he likes to play. nice. so we played along. >> so i guess you're up. >> reporter: okay. as far as me? whoo, yeah. high-five through the net. >> net five. >> reporter: and he golfs too. >> bring your shoulders down and it's all in the hips. >> you seem proud of that. did you see that one? it went high? >> it did go high. it also went very right. >> you seem like not a model. i mean that in the nicest possible way. >> let's take these misconceptions out. >> yeah. i don't have gasoline fights. ♪ everything will be all right >> reporter: he's talking about the hit film "zoolander" that lampooned male models. sean says that movie didn't make it any easier to prove that male models are more than just eye
7:50 am
candy. >> i do want to go to school. >> what would you study? >> marine biology. >> that's an anti-stereotype, i would say. >> maybe. i mean it's only a stereotype because people give them. if people stop giving them, it's no stereotype. >> reporter: a glamorous career and earning millions at just 23. he seems to have it all. but the georgia native says there's a lot more to like. do you feel like you're missing out on anything? >> yeah, reality. i have been very blessed by the way everything has happened. but at the end of the day, i can't wait to go back to kennesaw. this is just a chapter that we'll see what happens in. high-five. >> all right. he's here. sean opry, come on out. meet america. >> welcome. >> how are you? ladies. for ginger. >> oh, my. >> wow, this is a surprise, this is a complete surprise. he's such a gentleman, i have to say. the day with you was so much fun and it wasn't just because you're a model. i learned a lot about you. but i feel america needs to know
7:51 am
more. you're humble for a couple reasons. one being you got dumped for prom. >> i did get dumped for prom. >> what is she doing these days? >> she's doing well and she likes it. >> she dumped you, remember. >> i think she quite enjoys that she dumped me for prom. >> i have a question, why do you always pout in these pictures? i mean, is that what they tell you to do? you never see male models walking down the runways smiling, or at least i haven't seen you smiling. you have such a great smile. >> the pout is in right now. >> the pout is in. >> the pout is in. >> the guys over there are very interested in this conversation right now. they have been pouting throughout the piece. >> i have advice for you, reality is overrated, sean. just stick with what you got. >> the pout. >> there you go. >> ride it as far as you can. >> it's not easy, though. he hasn't had a day off in six months. it's that type of life, right? >> it's a whirlwind, but you take your breaks when you get them. >> yeah, you make it look so easy. great to have you here. >> thank you. fun piece. >> thanks for bringing ginger the flowers. >> she deserves them. >> yeah, right.
7:52 am
we'll be right back. he deserves them. >> yeah, right. we'll be right back. anytime soon. at unitedhealthcare insurance company, we'll be right back. we underst. so does aarp, serving americans 50 and over for generations. so it's no surprise millions have chosen an aarp dicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. to find out more, call today.
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♪ i'm too sexy for my shirt ♪ so sexy thanks for watching, everyone. as we say good-bye, the ladies and sean are going to rock a special pout for you. check it out on this camera, there we go. david muir is back with "world news." we'll see you later.
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